Ready to finally create everyday healthy habits that ACTUALLY last?

That's why I created my 1:1 private coaching program! I want to help women like YOU not only look their best, but FEEL their best every day!

  • 1:1 private 60 minute coaching calls to give you clarity + support.
  • Daily accountability texts/e-mails to keep you on-track.
  • A personalized habit-based tracking plan for optimum results.
  • Unlimited motivation, confidence-boosting, + love from yours truly!

I know you want to change your lifestyle...

  • You research ways to eat healthy + exercise more.  
  • You keep trying different strategies, but nothing seems to stick!  
  • You don't want to give up. But, you feel so lost + overwhelmed.  
  • So, you end up falling back into the same old patterns....

...I KNOW because I've been there!


I help women in their 20s + 30s take control of their eating habits, find the motivation to exercise daily, + gain the confidence they've been craving!  

I know what it feels like because I had a hard time creating a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with knowing what "healthy" really even meant.  

I was confused about what to eat + couldn't stick to a workout routine. But, the worst part? I had low energy + felt overwhelmed all the time.  

It took 10+ years of researching + trying so many different strategies to create the healthy lifestyle I have now.  

I want to help women like YOU learn the exact strategies that work + help you build your own personal wellness plan!

Are you ready to finally...

  • Quit dieting for good + STILL see the results you have been dreaming about?
  • Look forward to exercising every day + feel motivated to move?
  • Understand the strategies needed to eat healthy all week long?
  • Be more organized, more focused, + more determined than ever?
  • STICK to a system that actually works so you can see REAL results?
  • Feel happier + more in control of your life each day?



  • Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 private coaching calls
  • Daily accountability support + motivation
  • An individualized plan to follow + track daily
  • Customized printables, planners, + trackers
  • Access to all of my personal strategies + knowledge
  • 1:1 accountability you have been craving!
  • The transformation you've been dreaming about!


"Since working with Kaitlyn in her 1:1 coaching program, my habits and lifestyle have sincerely improved. Her program has helped me learn how to incorporate new healthy habits into my life at the right pace so they stick! In just a few weeks, I have noticed my motivation and positivity increase. People closest to me have even noticed that I am more motivated and am making positive changes! Her mindset guidance has helped me stay positive and truly feel like I can take on the task of getting fit, healthy and overall happy - once and for all!"


"Working with Kaitlyn has motivated me to be healthy and to create lasting healthy changes! She holds me accountable and responds in a way that helps me forgive myself for ‘falling off the wagon.' Because of working with Kaitlyn for the past two months, I have implemented a daily tracking list I use to maintain healthy habits that actually last. She has helped me tremendously because of her positive reinforcement, lifestyle guides, meal plan, and her realistic and down to earth approach! I highly recommend Kaitlyn’s services if you’re looking to create a LIFESTYLE. It’s hard work. But, Kaitlyn is the pillar of strength and support you’ll need to get through the tough days!"


If you're truly ready to FINALLY see results once + for all, then click the button below to apply!

We will set up a 15 minute call to see if we would be a good fit together based on your goals + our personalities.

There is absolutely no commitment... so, you have nothing to lose!

Can't wait to chat.





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