A self-paced eCourse simplifying nutrition so you can see + feel results eating foods you love every day!


Are you ready to quit fad diets + see sustainable results eating foods you crave?

Are you confused about what food is really healthy + how to build your meals every day?

Have you been working out + dieting consistently, but aren't getting the results you want?

NUTRITION MADE EASY is my self-paced eCourse that will help you quit fad diets forever + finally eat foods you love while getting the lean body of your dreams! This method is exactly what I teach my 1:1 clients inside my coaching programs + is what gets them incredible results that are sustainable. No more eating out of colored containers, skipping meals, counting meaningless points, or cutting out delicious carbs from your diet. This course will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition so you can consistently see fat loss over time + set yourself up for a longer, healthier future!


NME is broken down into 7 easy-to-digest lessons:

  • Introduction
  • Calories + Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Daily Liquid Intake
  • Reducing Toxins From Your Diet
  • Reading Labels + Ingredients
  • Balancing + Tracking For Results


  • 7 easy-to-digest video lessons
  • A summary of each lesson for future reference
  • 10 printable worksheets with additional information
  • 4 bonus worksheets for an added layer of support
  • Exactly what you need to start seeing + feeling results!


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**30% off launch price**


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"I love Nutrition Made Easy! When it came to understanding how to nourish my body in a sustainable, healthy way, all while aiming to hit my fitness goals, finding information from free resources online only made me more confused. NME is clear, informative, and has taught me what foods to focus on to feel more full throughout the day and how certain kinds of foods help fuel my body. Plus, Kaitlyn breaks down how to properly calculate macros in the easiest way. Paired with her workout program, I finally feel like I have direction for my health and fitness journey!"


"Nutrition Made Easy course is filled with valuable and practical knowledge that is SO important for everyone to know not only to see results on their health and fitness journey, but for overall longevity. Kaitlyn simplifies concepts to make them easy to understand but more importantly, easy to implement in your day-to-day. After finishing the course, I feel empowered and confident because I now have the knowledge to make healthy and intentional food choices for myself and my body without feeling stressed about dieting. This course is a must-have if you want to learn about nutrition in an easy and simple way and start seeing results!"


"I worked with Kaitlyn for 4 months after having my first child and she was a Godsend! She helped me create habits that I continue to this day by starting small, focusing on my 'Why,' and shifting my all-or-nothing mindset to a more positive, flexible, and forgiving mindset that has enabled me to stick with my goals in a way I never have before! She didn't just change my life, she helped ME change my own life which is so much better!

My new little one hasn't let me sleep in a month. But because of the work I did with Kaitlyn and the habits and mindset she helped me build, I was able to take this new transition in my life in stride. When it finally passed, I found I had managed to eat well. keep up my workouts, and maintain my weight throughout! And when I finally got some shut eye, I jumped back into my morning routine with no problems.

Working with Kaitlyn was the best decision I made for my own wellbeing. And all the hard work we did together is now rubbing off on those around me, so that my family is healthier and happier too!

I can't recommend working with Kaitlyn enough. If you're ready to change your mindset and your lifestyle for good, Kaitlyn is the coach you want!"


"I cannot recommend Kaitlyn's 1:1 FMME coaching program enough for any mom looking to get healthy once + for all! Through my journey working with her, I realized that my issue with seeing results in the past wasn’t really about working out. But, it was my daily nutrition + mindset habits.

I use to self-sabotage myself due to fad diets + would create a terrible mindset that I just couldn’t do it. Now, I eat the foods I want without any guilt because of all the knowledge Kaitlyn taught me about basic nutrition within her program! My mindset has completely flipped and I no longer think 'I can’t have that' or 'I shouldn’t eat that' when making food choices.

I’m forever grateful for Kaitlyn unlocking the toxic relationship between food & not feeling like I am enough! The workouts she provides are amazing + have made me so much stronger. But, the REAL transformation is through my mindset & nutrition, which is the foundation of Fit Mom Made Easy. I 10/10 would recommend her to any mom I know!"


"I have done many different styles of diets; from the cheaply paid programs, calorie counting only, and anything I can try to get the quickest results. I would aimlessly search for self-create programs and got nowhere.

Kaitlyn appeared to be someone who understands real mom life. I did her 1:1 program and was blown away by what I learned.

It took time to unlearn the garbage from the prior programs, but she is utterly amazing, motivating and realistic. She kept me accountable, checked in daily, and responded to all the questions and concerns. Kaitlyn changes your life in the best way.

I am now capable of understanding nutrition, the quality of food, continuing my healthier lifestyle and enjoying my workouts. She has helped me to better my body and mind. I am so grateful for her knowledge and support!"


Working with Kaitlyn in her fitness programs/nutrition program/positivity mentoring has been a breath of fresh air!  When you learn what really matters nutrition-wise from Kaitlyn, you realize that you don’t need any fad diet to see results. You simply need to understand how to find healthier ways to eat what you love and understand how to balance what you eat.

have lost inches, pounds, and have become more disciplined keeping on track with my daily workout. She mentors you on a consistent basis, reminds you not to beat yourself up, and helps you when you feel like you’ve ruined all of your progress because you ate off your diet for a few days.

I highly recommend Kaitlyn‘s program for anyone! She makes it seamless to keep on track and stay the path so you can get consistent results over time that last. You will see many differences in your body, the way you eat, and your overall attitude will be so much more positive! I highly recommend applying for her program if you’re ready to sign up for your last health and fitness program you’ll ever need!”


"Since working with Kaitlyn in her 1:1 coaching program, my habits and lifestyle have sincerely improved. Her program has helped me learn how to incorporate new healthy habits into my life at the right pace so they stick! In just a few weeks, I have noticed my motivation and positivity increase.

People closest to me have even noticed that I am more motivated and am making positive changes, even while raising my daughter! Her mindset guidance has helped me stay positive and truly feel like I can take on the task of getting fit, healthy and overall happy - once and for all!"


"Working with Kaitlyn has motivated me to be healthy and to create lasting healthy changes, even after recently having a baby! She holds me accountable and responds in a way that helps me forgive myself for ‘falling off the wagon.' Because of working with Kaitlyn for the past two months, I have implemented a daily tracking list I use to maintain healthy habits that actually last.

She has helped me tremendously because of her positive reinforcement and her realistic and down to earth approach! I highly recommend Kaitlyn’s services if you’re looking to create a LIFESTYLE."



Hi, I'm Kaitlyn! I help women take control of their eating habits, find the motivation to exercise daily, + gain the confidence they've been craving!  

I know what it feels like because I had a hard time creating a healthy lifestyle. I struggled with knowing what "healthy" really even meant.  

I was confused about what to eat + couldn't stick to a workout routine. But, the worst part? I had low energy + felt overwhelmed all the time.  

It took 10+ years of researching + trying so many different strategies to create the healthy lifestyle I have now.

Now as a mama with 2 kids, I am so grateful I have solid healthy habits in place + never feel like I am depriving myself!

I want to help women like YOU learn the exact strategies that work + help you build your own personal wellness plan!




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