This is best for mamas new to strength training that focuses on learning proper form with foundational weightlifting moves. This is a beginner at-home program with four 25-minute workouts/week.



A progressive lifting program that begins with foundational lifting moves + ends with intermediate workouts. This at-home workout program consists of four 30-minute workouts/week.


My monthly at-home workout app subscription for mamas that want to stay motivated to build lean muscle while the baby sleeps! Five new 30-minute intermediate workouts are uploaded every month!


I am new to weight lifting. Which program is best for me?

If you're brand new to lifting weights I recommend starting with 6 Week Foundations to safely learn the basic weightlifting moves. Although it's a beginner program, be prepared to see results over the 6 weeks as you build lean muscle + fall in love with lifting!

How is 12 Week Sculpt different from your monthly program?

12 Week Sculpt is a bridge program between beginner and intermediate workouts -- month 1 is beginner, month 2 is beginner/intermediate, and month 3 is intermediate. My monthly workout program is mostly made up of intermediate workouts.

Where do I access the workouts?

You will have access to the workouts inside my easy-to-use workout app for the duration of the program (For 6WF, you get app access for 8 weeks, for 12WS you get app access for 14 weeks, + you get monthly access in my monthly subscription u you cancel). Those who purchase 6WF + 12WS will also get a PDF of the written workouts with links to the videos so you can use them again after the program is over!

Can these be done at home?

Yes! These are designed for busy mamas that are working out quickly while the babies sleep or the kids play! You'll never have to go to a gym again.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is a few sets of dumbbells (light, medium, + heavy), resistance bands (like these), + booty bands (like these)!

I am newly postpartum. Are these safe for me?

Yes! As long as your doctor has cleared you to work out, all 3 of these programs are safe! I would suggest starting by lifting lighter than usual + not pushing yourself too much the first few weeks until you feel ready to lift heavier. *If you're new to lifting I highly suggest starting with 6WF to get a foundation of lifting.

Is nutrition included?

These are workout-only programs. For nutrition click HERE to purchase my Nutrition Made Easy eCourse. What I teach you inside here is the KEY to my clients seeing undeniable results that are sustainable over time! Nutrition is what's going to start to get you fat-loss results + the lifting workouts will create that toned, sexy body you've always wanted!

Results from mamas doing my workout programs!